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About Great Lakes Communications

Sherry: Tabetha and I worked together at another answering service for 10 years before deciding to open Great Lakes Communications.

Tabetha: We’ve been doing it since February 2015, and we’re open 24/7. We try our best to partner with our clients, and we are also very familiar with the area. We offer a very competitive price compared to other answering services.

The Future of Great Lakes Communications

Tabetha: Currently, we hold fundraisers and food drives every fall, but we really want to be even more involved with the community. We spent the first eight years getting ourselves on solid footing, paying down debts, ensuring our client base. Now we’re in a position to start to expand a little more and hire more staff. Once we do so, Sherry and I will have additional time to spend reaching out in our community.

Doing Business In Northwest Indiana

Tabetha: I think Northwest Indiana is a rich and diverse environment– there’s so many cultures and people and development going on in different areas. We’re both from Crown Point, so we’ve seen the change with new businesses coming in. Many downtown areas are getting redone, like Hammond, and there’s a bigger focus on small businesses. In the 90s, people used to say, “There’s nothing to do in Northwest Indiana,” but I feel like that has definitely changed lately. There are more and more places to go and there’s more people starting their own businesses.

Why I Joined Northwest Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce

Sherry: One of the main reasons we joined the Chamber was to get to know other members of our community, the business community. We want to understand who’s out there, what services they offer, and let them know more about the services we offer. The Chamber offers lots of great events that we are looking forward to getting involved with this year as we move forward and grow.

Tabetha: When we’re in a group setting, we’re able to fully explain what our answering service does, and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make connections.

Entrepreneurial Advice

Tabetha: Don’t give up. You really don’t know what you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially at the Chamber or other people that you may meet. I have found that everyone is very friendly and willing to give advice.

Sherry: Have a good team behind you– a lawyer, a good accountant, a good banker. All of these people are going to guide you in the right direction, especially when it comes to incorporating your business.

About Tabetha and Sherry

Tabetha was born in Indiana and has lived all over the Region, residing in Crown Point for almost 20 years. After working many jobs across different fields, she ended up in the answering service industry, eventually launching Great Lakes Communications with Sherry in 2015. “When you’re an answering service person, you’re an answering service person,” she says.

Sherry grew up in Maine and moved to Indiana 29 years ago after getting married. She has lived in Crown Point for 17 years. After having her three children, she decided to get into the answering service industry, and she has loved it ever since.


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Name of Business: Great Lakes Communications
Owner: Tabetha Alvarado and Sherry Langdeau
Phone: 219-663-0237
Address: 2000 N. Main Street Suite 2, Crown Point, Indiana 46307