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Optimizing Your Health


About NWI Integrative Health & Wellness

I established NWI Integrative Health & Wellness in Crown Point in June 2022 as a comprehensive health center. At NWI Integrative Health & Wellness, we provide evidence-based, personalized, and integrated healthcare solutions with a holistic approach to medicinal care. Our mission is to guide patients toward a more proactive approach to their health and to promote the use of natural remedies. Whether you want to achieve weight loss goals, improve sports performance, find relief from chronic discomfort, explore aesthetic treatments, or seek guidance on post-travel nutrition and more, our team is here to support you. We are dedicated to optimizing your health and enhancing your life.

The Future of NWI Integrative Health & Wellness

Over the next decade, I envision expanding my practice to provide a comprehensive suite of holistic medical services, including Biohacking medical services, all within a significantly larger office space.

Doing Business in Northwest Indiana

Establishing a business in Crown Point was an easy decision for me. This city holds a special place in my heart – it’s where I raised my children and witnessed its incredible growth and development over the years. I’m an active member of this community, both living and working here, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Why I Joined Northwest Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce

Initially, I was unfamiliar with Crossroads Chamber. However, I am fortunate to have clients who are significantly involved with Crossroads and have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits associated with Crossroads Chamber, so I joined. My staff and I greatly appreciate The Chamber. It has provided my staff and me with the opportunity to make numerous new acquaintances and attend monthly luncheons, facilitating connections with other businesses and fostering collaboration.

About Stacy Taylor

Originally from Hobart, Stacy Taylor moved to Crown Point in 1994. From an early age, Stacy felt a strong inclination towards caregiving, always finding herself in the roles of a giver and a problem-solver. Despite becoming a mother at a young age, she never let go of her aspirations and pursued a nursing education at the age of 28. Her nursing journey began at Indiana University’s School of Nursing where she graduated in 2001 before continuing her academic pursuits. She obtained her ASN-BSN from Purdue in 2014 and earned a Masters in Nursing from Ball State University in 2018. Never losing sight of her passion, she took the initiative and opened her clinic in June 2022. Throughout her career, she has focused on emergency nursing, where she has frequently observed patients being more reactive than proactive toward their health issues. Her mission is to guide patients toward a more proactive approach to their health and to encourage the use of natural remedies whenever possible.

Stacy is happily married to a dedicated firefighter and is a mother of two. She tragically lost one of her sons when he was 25. Stacy says that running her own clinic not only keeps her engaged but also helps her cope with the loss. She finds immense joy in witnessing people achieve their health goals and thrive in their best health.

Name of Business: NWI Integrative Health & Wellness
Nurse Practitioner & Founder: Stacy Taylor
Email: nwiivdripspa@gmail.com
Phone: 219-295-0900