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Building Community in Northwest Indiana

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About Professional Building Services

Professional Building Services (or PBS, as many know our team by) is a full-service planning, design, and construction firm. Our clients bring us their vision, and we partner together to design a space to meet their needs and overall budget. Once a design is confirmed, we prepare a thorough accounting of all project costs to ensure adherence to an owner’s overall budget, all in advance of the final design and construction. Once their project design and budget are approved, we move into final engineering, permitting, and construction. In all, we handle everything from concept to completion under one umbrella of responsibility.

The Future of Professional Building Services

As an Indiana Corporation, for the past 33 years, PBS has served the NW Indiana region. In the next 5 to 10 years, we have a goal for our team being recognized as one of the preferred resources people think of when seeking a design and construction partner, not because of our ability to build a building but because of the trust and lasting impression we leave through the PBS experience. Relationships are key to PBS’ success and have been instrumental in our sustainability over the years. Because of the team we have and the people we serve, our future is bright. Our desire and commitment as we reach for the next 5-10 years is to continue to build on our legacy of serving the region’s small businesses as a single source of delivery for years to come.

Doing Business In Northwest Indiana

Our region does well in recruiting new businesses and creating opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. The incentives offered to new businesses create a more palatable and appealing template for businesses to work from, often in contrast to neighboring states. As well the continued growth in overall population density continues to create the need for additional commerce to support the region’s population needs. With this growth, Northwest Indiana communities generally have an intentional focus on the family and community, and its residents have a willingness to shop locally, promoting continued development and sustainability of businesses throughout our region.

Why I Joined Northwest Indiana’s Chamber of Commerce

PBS joined the Chamber of Commerce a number of years back. We became involved as the result of our desire to be a part of an organization that is relational and intentional in building a support system for the benefit of each other’s organizations. We saw this in the Crossroads Chamber and desired to be a part of this business community. We feel that the Chamber adds value to our region and continues to be a tremendous resource to our business and others.

Entrepreneurial Advice

Listen more than you speak. Try to soak up all the information you can and seek out counsel from those that have gone before you. Give yourself an opportunity to learn from people who have been through all the seasons of entrepreneurship and developing a small business. Never be afraid to make a mistake. Just be sure to learn from it.

About Chad Charon

Chad Charon is originally from the Quad Cities in Western Illinois and is an Alumni of Olivet Nazarene University. After graduating, he worked for several organizations before joining his family business at Professional Building Services, which he has served at for over 20 years. He is proud to reside in NW Indiana and to be part of a team serving our region.

Name of Business: Professional Building Services, Inc. (PBS)
Representative: Chad Charon / President
Email: chad@pbsdesignbuild.com
Phone: 855.672.4010
Website: www.pbsdesignbuild.com/
Address: 111 1/2 West Joliet St., Crown Point, IN 46307